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New Members



  • Adult (18 to 60); £20

  • Concession (Student/over-60): £15

  • Family: Parent pays Adult or Concession rate. Each subsequent member received a 20% discount



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Frequently Asked Questions

How far and how fast do you ride?

Our Saturday club ride is divided into 2 groups that do different distances and speeds.  We aim to never leave anyone behind and keeping together and helping each other is what our club is all about!


I’ve never ridden in a group before, what should I do?

Come along and learn from how other people ride.  We ride in pairs on Club runs; this can be a bit daunting if you have never done it before.  If you are new to group riding, start off at the back so that you can see how it is done and gain confidence.  Prior to each run, we hold a briefing for new members on how to ride in a group.  We have a number of experienced leaders who will be only too happy to help you.


What kind of bike do I need?

A racing bike is preferable although a mountain bike would be ok as long as it was fitted with “skinny tyres”.  In winter we prefer you to have mudguards,  as riding without can make life very unpleasant for others if it is very wet.  Many members have “winter bikes” for this purpose.


What about clothing?

We naturally like members to wear our club kit.  We recommend proper cycle clothing, particularly cycling shorts with proper padding (worn without anything underneath), and closely fitting cycling jerseys.  We also recommend helmets and cycling shoes with cleats for clip-in pedals.  If it looks like rain bring a waterproof that packs up really small.


Do I need to be a member to ride?

No, not initially, but we do require you to join after a few rides with us if you wish to continue riding.  Come along and ride with us for a few weekends, and if you like it you can join up.  Just download a form from our web site and send it to our membership secretary.  We advise our members to join British Cycling or CTC for public liability insurance purposes (our members receive a discount on the first year's British Cycling membership).


What about traffic as I find riding in traffic scary?

Our club runs all use quiet roads in the country as much as possible.  You will find riding in a group gives an additional sense of security and you will soon find your confidence growing as you see how we cope with traffic.


What should I eat before riding?

It is essential that you eat a proper breakfast before riding - porridge or similar is best.   Take water on the ride along with some ‘on bike’ food that you know that you can digest whilst on the move.  We do usually make a (lengthy) cafe stop along the way!!


What happens if I have a mechanical problem on a ride?

Let the group know and coast to a suitable place to stop off the road.  The group will willingly help you get back on the road.  It's a good idea to carry spare tubes, tyre levers and a pump.


Is there anything else I should know about cycling etiquette?

Part of the fun of joining a club is the help and advice that is available to you from life-long cyclists.  They will be only to happy to explain the small amount of cycling etiquette to you.


Do I have to race?

No, we are quite happy for you to just ride club runs as many of our members do.